Neptune Pools - Sloppy work and damaged property

Ayer, Massachusetts 0 comments
Not resolved

agreed on a price to replace pool lines, price changed the first day of work with the contractor saying the concrete was thicker than expected( did you not measure it?) once concrete was cut and after 20lbs of concrete being dumped into the pool which just got a brand new liner, I realized they had cut the main power supply to the pool house and re-concreted over it without repair, was told this is not their responsibility.

lines were installed and all debris was left in the pool. The system was not run or tested.

I held back final payment waiting for a resolution to the power lines until I recieved a letter from his lawer threatening to sue me.After consultation with my lawer I was told it was not worth persuing because the cost of a lawsuit would exceed what I still owed.

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